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Gone With the Blastwave

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I’ve become a huge fan of Gone With the Blastwave. The story follows a group of red soldiers as they struggle to escape a abandoned city in a post-apocalyptic world. There are also other groups of soldiers (classified by color) that the particular group of red soldiers come across. It’s an all out war mixed in with some dark and grim humor. A must read, in my opinion.



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I suppose this marks the very first entry to the newly established journal promptly titled “Sidetracked.” My name is irrelevant. Though if you have to refer to me as anything, the alias I commonly use online is “B33,” in preference to my real name. I enjoy film, music, books, and various other things that happen to catch my interest and stimulate my mind. The purpose of this journal is to grant myself the opportunity to organize my thoughts on various topics, further improve upon my writing, and leave something to look back on. Suppose I’ll put an end to this entry now and return with a new entry in due time. Until then…