A Story of Two Sides

Allow me to tell a story of two sides… One side wants to be done with it all… The pain, the confusion, the depression… To hell with all of it… The other side wants to hold in there because there is still some hope. The first curses the other side for being a fool and falling for something it knew wasn’t permanent. The second ignores the first side’s blatant outlook on life. The first side laughs at the notion of love and happiness. The second side simply comments on the weather and how pleasant it appears. The first side, confused, asks the relevance of the weather. The second is merely trying to get their mind off of things… To reflect and enjoy life for what is worth despite feeling like everything has changed… The first side says to let go and leave the past behind. What’s done is done. The second believes that the past should not be forgotten so easily. It’s not easy to let go… The first side scoffs and wonders why the sides as a whole had hope in humanity to begin with. The second chuckles and comments how humanity is a vital part of the world. To give up hope on mankind would be the equivalent of giving up hope on the world… The first side then demands whether or not it should be a part of the world. Maybe it should just end things now and withdraw itself. The second, who had been rather cool and collected up until now, suddenly erupts and yells at the first side for being so foolish. Life is too precious to squander. This is not the end of the world. There’s still hope while there’s still life… We are not meant to be in the league of a God… The first side wonders if God even exists to begin with. It makes notions that we are all alone. That there’s nothing else…. The second side suggests the meaning of life is the quality of it. Whether or not it can be enjoyed by the individual who possesses the life… And what about a God the first side questions? Whether there is a God can not be determined at the state humanity resides in the second side calmly replies… The two sides pause in silence for a moment and reflect… The only way to get out of this pit is to work together and pull each other out as a whole says the first side in anger…. The second side does not reply… We are either in the pit or out of it together… Time will go on, regardless if it slows down based on your judgment. Life goes on and the World keeps on turning… Regardless of pain or death… The second side agrees but counters “I’m not ready to leave this pit quite yet”. The first side demands to know why the second side is so adamant about love, the past, and humanity… The second side replies “At the end of the day, at least I could say I loved and tried to understand this mad world we reside in.” The first side is silent for a few moments then says “Are we insane?”. The second side chuckles and says “We are simply one personality conflicted on thoughts and ideals”. The two sides sit within the pit and reflect upon what has been said… Wondering if things will ever change and the various conflicts within both need to face at one point and time… Both then agree that nothing else can be done and only time can help things now… Only time will tell…

One Response to “A Story of Two Sides”

  1. i liked it alot really felt like me cuz i sure as hell have felt a conflict within as two different people

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