First Impressions: The Strangers

The next sleeper horror flick to hit this Summer is upon us and I for one am very intrigued by what has been released thus far about this new film entitled “The Strangers”. The basic idea is as follows; a couple located in a secluded house is randomly intruded upon by strangers (natch) and now face a night of torment from attackers they don’t know nor fully understand their motivation. I’m impressed with the editing displayed in trailer and if it reflects the final cut, it’ll definitely go above and beyond in terms of suspense and the inventive ways it appears to display the tone.

Actors Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman play the couple and seem to fit the roles decent enough based on what I’ve seen thus far. The film also seems to be riding upon the “Based on true events” card which it claims its based on a certain case that has no document regarding it in existence. Regardless, it does hold loose similarities to other murder cases out there and hence can lay claim to the tagline without being specific… All and all, the film appears to bring forth a interesting concept along with decent editing that plays into the suspense and overall atmosphere. I’m a bit cautious since this is the director Bryan Bertino’s debut as a filmmaker. Regardless, I’ll still give it a shot when It hits theaters May 30th, 2008.

High Definition version of trailer can be seen by clicking on the following link:


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