The Rating System

As you have more than likely noticed, I no longer supply a rating with each review I give. This is a new policy I’ve decided to abide by since I’ve always had a strong distaste for measuring quality by a mere number. Ratings systems always have problems and issues accompanied with it since many skip right to the number and ignore the bulk of the review entirely. And then the comparisons between which film, book, video game, etc received the better number fuel unneeded arguments. It’s not easy to rate something based solely on a number when each genre within it’s own context has it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages as well. One’s own opinion is complex and multiple points go into each side. There’s simply no fair method to sticking a number on a opinion which is complex in nature. Thus, I’ve decided to replace the number system with a “Pro, Con, and Conclusion” part of the review at the bottom of each. It’s simpler and allows the complexity of a opinion to show while still retaining the “Conclusion” aspect to each review as well.


One Response to “The Rating System”

  1. Wesley Chaderton Says:

    100% agree

    In the gaming industry, quality games are compared by numbers given to them by reviewers and are often put down because they have an 8.8/10 while the other has a 9.3/10 for example. It’s unfair when each piece of media is unique in its own rights and may fall under a different genre as you’ve stated. Each genre has its strengths and weaknesses.

    Opinions are opinions no matter how you slice it and it’s funny how people compare opinions of ‘Professionals’ while they can’t think for themselves.

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