Lack of Time

I’ve been busy with other matters lately and unfortunately have not had the time to write. Metal Gear Solid 4 has recently hit store shelves and the spare time I do have has been focused on completing the final installment in the MGS saga. Thus far I’m very impressed. The control scheme has been reworked to accommodate those who dislike complex controls and the overall core of gameplay is perfect as it stands in my eyes. I’m having a blast sneaking through the ever changing battlefield and deciding upon various routes and ways I could succeed in the various missions the game offers. I’ll have a full review up once I complete the game.

On the film side of things, I was able to catch a midnight screening of The Incredible Hulk last Thursday. And it restored my faith in the character. The future of Marvel’s newly formed film branch seems brighter and I look forward to seeing the inevitable Avengers film adaption as well as a sequel to The Incredible Hulk. A full review shall emerge within the next couple of days. On top of my review for The Strangers. I really wouldn’t expect it last for more than a few paragraphs seeing as I was very displeased with how the final cut ended up. A lackluster script on top of poor creative decisions were the main problem. I’ll further elaborate in the review when the time comes.

A couple weeks of Summer have already passed and there’s still roughly two more months left until I return to school and wrap things up. The final stretch is upon me and future preparations must now be made. Which essentially means less spare time and more hitting the books. Until then, I will be enjoying these next two months of peace and spare time. There’s books and films I need to catch up on and projects that need my attention as well. And plenty of reviews to write as well. Multiple topics have been prepped and you should start to see a steady flow of reviews and first impression articles in the coming months… At any rate, it’s back to Metal Gear Solid 4 and eventually sleep.

“Humanity needs more than merely information. We express original ideas, humor, and our personal wills. We express passions and emotions. A person’s point of view conveys all of these aspects of identity.” -Hideo Kojima


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