First Impressions: The Dark Knight

Chances are, if you’ve been to a movie theater in the past year, you’ve heard about the upcoming sequel to Batman Begins intuitively titled “The Dark Knight”. There’s been quite a large chunk of footage and information released thus far. But still a large portion of the film is unknown at this point and time. We know who the villains are and the general idea… But the twists and turns and final outcome remain unknown and cloaked under the veil of secrecy until the film hits theaters. We know The Joker (played by the now deceased Heath Ledger) is the central villain and he’s all about creating mayhem and chaos. Based upon early reviews and interviews with the cast and crew, The Joker has been described as a “force of nature” comparable to the shark in Jaws. Ledger appears to have really brought out a entire different vision of the character that takes cues from other interpretations but ultimately appears unique enough to carve it’s own place within the Batman Universe Nolan has developed for the film medium. As for other villains featured; Scarecrow will apparently be making a small appearance and Two Face will not be a vital part of the picture until the end.

While Two Face won’t be a major part of the plot this time around, Harvey Dent (Two Face’s true identity) will play a vital part in the story of The Dark Knight based upon the trailers and information released thus far. And while some may be disappointed by that notion, keep in mind what can happen if a film has too many villains packed within it (read: Spider-Man 3). I’d much rather there be more of background to Dent and ultimately Two Face that will ultimately set up the chain of events for the third film. The Joker is main villain this time around and thus will fill up a majority of the film with chaos and mayhem. Mixing multiple villains together is a rather troublesome concept since the end result will often have each villain fighting for screen time. It gives each character more of a shallow amount of depth and leads to less character development for each and every role featured within the film.

The viral marketing for The Dark Knight is another aspect of the hype for the film that has immensely kept my interest for this film in a rising state as each month has passed leading up to The Dark Knight’s inevitable premiere. I’ve yet to see the film and having enjoyed Batman Begins and Nolan’s past work I look forward to this sequel with great anticipation. Creative wise, the film is on the right track. The cast appears strong and well suited for their respective roles. And the redesigned Batsuit and Batpod (also referred to as the “Batcycle”) seem like decent additions to the device roster. Overall, I’m impressed with what has been revealed thus far and I look forward to the realse of the film with anticipation as the sequel to the much needed reboot of The Dark Knight series hits theaters on July 18th, 2008.


One Response to “First Impressions: The Dark Knight”

  1. Wesley Chaderton Says:

    I can NOT wait until July 18th

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