First Impressions: Terminator Salvation

With the last outing of the Terminator film franchise (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) ultimately turning out to be a overall lackluster affair filled with action and drained of all it’s substance and dignity; I was skeptical about the notion of a sequel. After three films, the concept of a Terminator model traveling back and time and saving the life of a particular individual from another Terminator model lost the steam it once had and the life of the series seemed relatively drained. The ending of Rise of the Machines, however, set up the future of the series in a rather intriguing manner. I’ve since retained a cynical mindset in regards to the sequel and then “new trilogy” announced gradually as the film cycled through the development phase. The thought of taking a completely different direction sounded like a poorly crafted plan at first; but after reading more about the film and the recent donning of the teaser trailer has since made me re-evaluate my stance on the idea of continuing the Terminator series in a different direction. Below I’ve embedded the official teaser trailer which was first screened in front of The Dark Knight (after being leaked online, of course).

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The film appears to be aiming for a more post-apocalyptic waste land setting edited in a gritty manner. The more I think about the concept, the more I seem to accept the idea it’s aiming for. The series has always had a focus on John Connor (with the exception of the first film which focused mainly upon his mother) and the future’s apocalyptic outlook thanks to Skynet. This new trilogy could serve as a medium to finally detail the future and what ultimately happens to John Connor and Skynet. Though whether this intriguing new direction and style the film will present itself in refreshing and well crafted manner or ultimately bomb has yet to be determined. The cast seems solid enough and the concept is acceptable… And that is where the enthusiasm I have for this new trilogy ends.

Director Joseph McGinty Nichol’s (or “McG” as he dubs himself) track record is rather lackluster and ultimately fails to impress. And his initiative to create a remake of Spaced without the original creators or actors involved seems rather derisive and a poorly crafted idea. Will Terminator Salvation be on of the better notes of his career? Only time will tell. Though I ultimately remain skeptical about the actual quality and outcome of the film’s final verdict. Overall, my first impressions of Terminator Salvation is intrigued yet still unsure of the film’s quality due to how little of the film is actually known. It could either be a decent concept that is gracefully executed or a decent concept that is poorly executed and ultimately bombs.


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