Impending Outlook

It’s been quite some time since my last casual post. Lately I’ve been preparing for what lies ahead after the passing of Summer time… And by “preparing” I mean sleeping, watching films, and various other activities that utilize the free time I have for the time being. With all that free time, you’d think I would have updated this journal much more often, but then the thought of my lack of motivation and the actual realization that my free time is diminishing more and more by the day comes to mind and it all seems clear. In terms of my current situation and actions; I’ve been steadily going through all the garbage that has built up these past few years and have nearly sorted though it all in preparation for a future departure (the exact date of this said departure is unknown at this time) of my current location.

The “future” seems to be the main topic of interest as of right now since focusing only upon the past blocks our sight of the present and ultimately what is in store. The future is a particular aspect drilled into our minds at a young age that enforces the concept of a plan. Though the key detail to plans is that their often broken before they can go into full effect (regarding one’s lifespan) or some event or detail changes that forces us to go back to the drawing board and start again. Some choose to give up and coast while others go back to the board and attempt to make up another plan and hope it succeeds. It all rests upon one’s own perspective and will.

Though whether we decide between ambitious ideals or logically sane methods is another aspect many become torn over. A individual who strives to become a famous musician clearly has the odds against them and the likelihood of them ever reaching the realm of stardom is laughable at best. Though the message we try to push upon society is “You are special”, “Don’t let anyone stomp on your dreams”, and “There’s no limit to what you can set your mind to and ultimately succeed at” to name a few. There’s a line between reality and delusions. Becoming a famous musician essentially falls into the bin of delusions because your merely one of the millions of individuals attempting to reach the same point when really it’d take someone with a vast amount of talent which is a rarity in itself. Though becoming a technician for say, a theme park, isn’t really delusional because with the right aspects; you could ultimately achieve that goal if your dedicated enough.

There’s clearly a line present between delusions and reality that is often ignored by the overly optimistic and dismissed as being too pessimistic in an attempt to shelter their minds from the actual truth and ultimately leave what little shreds of hope left behind after the wake of reality sets in. Not to say looking at the bright side of life is a bad thing; just that it’s irrational. Kudos to you if your one of the overly optimistic individuals, but I’d rather be secure in the realm of reality rather than stumbling around with a blindfold wrapped around my face. That’s not say I’m always negative either. If something is genuinely good, then of course I accept it as much. Though if something is bad, I’m not going to go into denial and pretend it’s good. There’s a line between “good” and “bad” and those are the two options granted. Though this way of looking at things in general greatly depends upon the given situation. Negative isn’t necessarily the viewpoint I utilize but more of a derived form of it known as a “cynical” disposition. Which, in itself, is a humorous aspect. If you can look at the humor of things in a cynical manner and coast along life, it’ll be a much more intriguing journey than sulking or being overly sappy (read: optimistic on a sickening level).

In the end. I suppose this boils down upon the future and what exactly lies ahead. I don’t believe there’s a predetermined path we follow (i.e. “destiny”), but more or less a rough outline that results from our everyday actions that affect the general outcome. In other words, the future isn’t set in stone quite simply because it has yet to arrive. We’re ultimately the “masters” our own “destiny” and it’s on this planet we follow the course of time and determine our own timeline. I’ve heard some say “Everything happens for a reason” but I believe this to be too broad and essentially stating a particular aspect that is blatantly evident. Yes, everything has a reason; from the buildings to the insects present on this planet. Everything is of course present for a reason, but whether the particular reason in question is useful or not is ultimately left to the one utilizing it to decide upon on their own. Trial and error, evolution, survival of the fittest all play into the general idea of “design” and why everything has a particular reason for being present. Though there are times where particular aspects are replaced because the time and era ultimately changes and we’re left with better reasoning behind this said action. Essentially, with time becomes a altered perspective that allows us to see the the past from a better angle and ultimately clears up the picture to allow us to improve upon the flaws and create a better vision of the future which is not clearly defined and in the hands of this generation and the following generations.

“If I were given the opportunity to present a gift to the next generation, it would be the ability for each individual to learn to laugh at himself.”– Charles M. Schulz


One Response to “Impending Outlook”

  1. There is a paradox that lies in the typical Middle Class American family. After reading much literature on education, sociology and society. It is very statistically apparent that there seems to be some innate love in middle class America for the concept of the “future”, “success”, and “making yourself.”

    I never quite had this concept engraved into me, as others I know have. So I’ve had the pleasure of observing this from an objective perspective. It seems that many individuals of our youth believe A. this plan will make them far more successful than anything they know around them. And B. many individuals see themselves at the end of their “plan” making 80k to 120k a year, but somehow also living the luxury of semi-millionaire status.

    Many youths also live in the errors of believing if they follow the “plan” just as they’re told, success will come to them, instantaneously. This is all a fallacy.

    When one comes to the crossroads of life, they can make two choices; to make their own plan, or ignorantly follow, “the plan” already set forth for them.

    Following “the plan” typically leaves a person, “stuck.” They are stuck in their position for years, and when the plan finally comes to fruition they go out into the world and realize life is hard, when they should have been realizing that years ago.

    When making your own plan things can seem scary, but the best way I’ve found to do so is to break up the things you want into smaller mission objectives. “I want a house. I want a bigger house. I want a car. I want a Mercedes S-Class.” and figure out what steps it takes to get those. “A Mercedes S-Class is roughly 900 dollars a month.”

    Want to know something crazy? If you have a job at Wal-Mart or McDonalds, and you’re in college under scholarship, and your housing is paid for you buy your parents, according to, “the plan.” Working at Wal-Mart and not paying bills will make you enough money to purchase a Mercedes Benz S-Class at 80,000 dollars. Or maybe a brand new Porsche is more to your liking? What’s also funny is they would be completely paid off and owned by you by the time you got out of College and you’d still have money to spare.

    Why is this possible? It’s always a possibility for every young adult following the plan, the lack of realization that this is possible is what hinders us. Replacing the thought of, “I’m following the plan and partying in my spare time.” with the notion of goals, and plans of your own. Objectively looking at the situations you’re in and finding ways to take advantage can lead to much better things.

    It lead me to a BMW 740il, and the prospect of purchasing a house within a year, and an employee and company of my own, ALL while being in my 3rd year of College. While I watch my peers shake their fists at me in awe, holding a bottle of Southern Comfort in their hands, drinking another youthful night away, loathing the thought of waking up the next morning to study, as they continue in their drunken, “plan” for the next 4 years, driving down the streets, pondering their lives in their beat up 1980’s Honda Civics.

    The question is simply this: Which type in that last paragraph do you want to be? The previous or the latter?

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