Lately I’ve been sort of neglecting this journal in favor of working on a side project and coasting for the remainder of my Summer break, which has just ended as of today. Though the recent emergence of a tropical storm has since given a day of school off which will in turn cause regularly schedule days we will normally be absent to now be reinstated. Though I’ll take what I can get, regardless. At any rate, the side project I’ve had some focus upon will be unveiled in due time and I’ll resume my normal routine of posting reviews, thoughts, etc on this journal shortly. I’ve been toying with a few ideas within my mind for a new short story that I’ll get around to writing after I finish a couple other things. There’s yet another project I’d like to tackle, but it’d further add upon my workload and intrude upon my free time; thus I’ve further delayed the project for a indefinite amount of time.

As far as news goes here’s a brief overview; Kevin Smith’s latest film lands an R rating on appeal, Fox wants in on the profits from the film adaption of Watchmen, It’s been a little over 100 years since the first animated film emerged, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was delayed by Warner Bros, the next Futurama film has been dated and the cover art has been released, and it seems that the sky is indeed falling as it appears a newly announced Batman video game will finally have an intriguing concept not grounded in the realm of mediocrity.

On a side note: the stats to this journal have grown at a impressive rate. Perhaps they’ll become even more “impressive” when I actually get around to writing more entries within it. And with that, I’ll end this entry.

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six hours sharpening my ax”-Abraham Lincoln


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