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Posted in General on August 31, 2009 by B33


Roughly two years ago and change, I departed upon the journey, if you will, of crafting a journal of the sorts for a variety of reasons, the most prevalent notion being to leave an entity to look back upon to further develop and encompass the general tract of my grasp on the concept of writing.  While I’ve noticed a slight variable of development over the time I’ve spent on this “hobby,” I’ve found the past to be more or less a “notch” that is at a particular point of its lifespan that I feel content to allow it to come to a close. Admittedly, I retained the notion that I could indeed maintain and prolong the lifespan of  this project, however, I often found myself displeased with the general format and content found throughout. My feeble attempts to induce various changes was the equivalent of revamping a structure not sound in nature and destined to collapse.  Regardless, I believe this is the prime opportunity to close this “chapter” and commence an entirely separate project. A particular concept that is far more compatible and satisfying with what I’d like to utilize. Consider this entity the derivation of what will ultimately pass in due time.  I leave this as a defunct “installment” to the sidetracked notions of a path never quite defined in its entirety.

Best regards,

-An odd  individual plagued by nocturnal ramblings.