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Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Soundtrack

Posted in Reviews with tags , , , , , on July 15, 2008 by B33

One of the key aspects of Batman Begins that sold the film even further was the impressive orchestrated soundtrack in a collaborative effort by Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. Begins has a unique tone that reflected a serious side laced with a somber yet soothing portion as well. Words alone can not describe how well the soundtrack to Begins fits within the actual film. It’s a living and breathing aspect that contains a mind of it’s own. I found countless moments within the film that were further amplified and understood through the score. Zimmer and Howard surprised me with the amount of depth and precision delivered. If you enjoyed Batman Begins, I can not recommend the soundtrack enough. It’s a calm and creative force that will provide roughly a hour and a half (60:26) of entertainment the first time through and countless amounts of time for further play throughs as well.

With The Dark Knight’s release looming, a new installment to the soundtrack has now hit and is again composed by both Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard. The spirit of Batman Begins’ soundtrack indeed is carried over for the sequel, though Zimmer and Howard merely used the previous installment as a means of inspiration rather than simply making variations of already present material. Granted, there are familiar elements present throughout and a few moments that are reminiscent to Begins… But the overall tone to the score has shifted due to the film’s shift in tone. Chaos is the theme this time around and the score certainly amplifies that tone to deliver a great impact. The calming tone throughout Begins is no longer as prevalent this time around. Yet there’s still a uplifting and soothing tone amongst the chaos running amok. The soundtrack’s run time is longer than it’s predecessor (73:24) and also provides countless amounts of time in future play throughs. Both soundtracks are in a league of their own and unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. There’s a intriguing amount of soul and depth to each score as Zimmer and Howard both bring unique points of interest to the table in their collaborative efforts. It’s a enjoyable aspect to the film that further amplifies the overall experience as well as provide entertainment outside the theater.

Pro’s: Well crafted, captures the tone of each film, and further amplifies the experience of viewing the actual film.

Con’s: Shift in tone might disappoint some.

Conclusion: A impressive score that precisely captures the tone and is one of the many enjoyable aspects of the film.