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Fully Automated

Posted in General on July 19, 2007 by B33

What does the future hold for machine, AI, and robots? Many wonder. It’s a interesting subject to think about. I remember back when hardly anyone had a computer in their home… Now, it’s fairly common to see a computer in a household. This is a good example of how technology has come a long way. They say we’ll have flying cars to ride in and robots to do all our work for us in the future. I highly doubt we’ll ever have flying cars, but robots are becoming more and more important in our daily lives. Should we heavily rely on robots and machinery to do our work for us? Would we benefit from this? Yes and no. Yes, it’d save time and money. But the more things become more automated, the less jobs we’ll have available. And simply knocking off a network of devices could be more devastating now, then say 10-20 years ago… It’s a double edged blade in a sense.

There are many pros and cons for this subject. On the subject of AI, the most intelligent kind of independent AI is about equal to that of a cockroach. Not very intelligent, but it’s still come a long way from when AI was first introduced in 1950. Even if the intelligence of AI is equal to a human, it will still lack on crucial thing that humans have… Humans are unpredictable. AI is programmed intelligence lined with possible outcomes. This is one of the key differences between Man and Machine. Is it advantage? I suppose it could be considered one; pending on the variables of the situation given.

But even if Man and Machine were locked in a war; the Machine would still have strength and endurance over Man. I don’t know if it’ll ever come to that. It is odd to even think that Man would have to fight it’s own creation that started as simple things…. Will that day ever come? Anything is possible. For now, let’s try not to remain completely dependent on AI and computers and still keep humans in the process of things…

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